Welcome to Palazzo del Duca, in Lunigiana,
a place full of history and poetry…

Located in very north of Tuscany, Palazzo del Duca was the residence of Este Family during the dukedom period of Modena and Reggio ( 1598 – 1796 ). The eagle you can see in the coat of arms on the main door of the mansion is its evidence. Palazzo del Duca is situated in the lovely 13th century village of Tavernelle along the old Via del Sale (Salt Road).
Recently restored and refurbished, the palace has its original features, like spacious living areas and terracotta floors, local sandstone portals and doors and stunning vaults. It also boasts a wonderful ancient staircase and in one bedroom there is even a fireplace, a ‘must’ for all the ancient Dukes of the past.

Palazzo del Duca is now a rental self-catering property. You can rent from the 2 occupancy rental apartment to the entire house with a max. occupancy of 25 people.

If you are looking for an off the beaten path holiday, don’t look any further: Palazzo del Duca boasts a great private and tranquil garden where you can enjoy herbs and colorful flowers all the season through. Not to talk about the refreshing water of the pool that is open from April to October every year.

Ideal for celebrating special events like Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation party or “boutique” weddings. On request we can arrange a catering and wedding planning.


Palazzo del Duca consists of 5 apartments and 1 double bedroom. Each apartment is independent from each other with its own kitchen and heating. Each bedroom of Palazzo del Duca has its own bathroom.

Each apartment has its own charming style. For example the Templari apartment on the ground floor retains some of the original kitchen facilities while Luni apartment is reminiscent of a New York loft apartment.
The apartments can be rented together allowing the stay of 8 – 12- 18 persons. Also ideal location for weddings, family meetings and events in fact the whole palace may be rented to a max. of 26 people.

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